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Is life a bit of a struggle at the moment ? Would you like to get back on the front foot and consider different options ? Or simply be your true self, free from others’ judgement and expectations ?

Thank you for visiting my website. I have been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist for the last 10 years helping adults and young people at my practice in Southfields, Wandsworth, South West London. This is within easy reach of Wimbledon, Putney, Merton, Kingston, Wandsworth and surrounding areas.

After over 20 months of adapting to a virus which seems intent on destroying life as we know it, our freedoms and how we relate to one another and when time expanded and contracted in a totally inexplicable way, feelings of anxiety and uncertainty may still present to disturb what equilibrium we have managed to salvage from our experiences. We can feel unsettled and a little directionless, as someone said to me the other day.

If this resonates or you would just like to talk to someone, why not call me for a brief chat, or send a message - text is fine - to see what might be possible in the short or longer term if you would like to explore talking therapy (no fee and no commitment - I am profoundly aware that you have a choice).

I practice in a safe space which is set up for social distancing to allow me to see a limited number of people face-to-face at my Wandsworth practice whilst continuing to offer telephone counselling/FaceTime or Zoom.

A bit of background
I am committed to providing counselling in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. My first degree was in sociology and education and I worked for many years in the charity and voluntary sector before training as a professional counsellor. The context of people's lives - society, family relationships and culture - as well as in their inner worlds is what informs and contributes to my practice. Therapeutic counselling is a form of healing, exploring yourself through talking and maybe also drawing, writing - whatever way you can best express yourself.

Have you ever heard the phrase We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are? This is a central tenet of Stoical philosphy and the Stoics certainly knew a thing or two about how to live a contented life. If you think about it, there is always an alternative view.

What I can help you with
* There are many reasons why we are the way we are. Whatever your reason for coming, the therapeutic benefits of counselling can help you look underneath everyday life by providing a safe space for us to talk about your concerns and consider your issues.

* Our earliest relationships influence how we see others and how they see us. Exploring these behavioural patterns from the past will significantly contribute to understanding how you relate to others so you can live a life based on adult goals instead of constantly repeating the past.

* I work a lot with anxiety and how to manage feelings but am not immune from heightened anxiety myself at this time. Anxiety is different for all of us: sometimes it’s a helpful warning, other times it creates more worry; is nearly always uncomfortable - churning stomach, raised heartbeat, inability to think clearly - and can in itself be symptom of a deeper fear.
If you are experiencing something similar there are strategies and techniques to ease this discomfort.

* Learning to manage peer pressure and being less self-critical is helpful with teenagers, as is developing ways of self-soothing and clarifying thoughts - rational thinking can bring us all to a calmer place. For many years I worked in the youth service of a local charity in Wimbledon supporting young people with low self-esteem, concerns around body image and fears that they will never ‘fit in’.

* I have worked with young adults on the autistic spectrum and am currently seeing clients with with eating disorders - both young people and adults - and with women on the receiving end of domestic violence, including coercive control and emotional bullying.

* And its not all about feelings ! Tweaking lifestyle factors can also have significant benefits to our well being - there are many ways we can change how we want to live.

My approach
I integrate humanistic as well as mindfulness and other approaches, alongside how the past plays a part in how we are today, all of which have value and allow me the freedom to work in a way that suits you and your individual needs. We all have different challenges and needs, no two people are the same in how they feel or see things. Counselling offers a place for you to be who you want to be, accept yourself, your likes and dislikes, and give you the power to make your own choices about the future.

We might begin with a question around what makes your life difficult to the point that you are considering counselling and what you hope to achieve during our time together. It’s not about ‘what’s wrong with you?’ , more ‘what’s happened to you in your life?’ We are, after all, the sum of our experiences. What gives your life meaning, how to change your views if they no longer work for you and making better choices are all fruitful areas for discussion.

I am here to listen, to give you space to articulate your thoughts as well as your feelings. We don't have to pretend everything is okay if it isn't.

If any of the above resonates, please call me on 07505 995028 or send an email via the website. If I can't answer straightaway you can leave a voice message or text and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have any questions about the safety of my practice and what I am putting in place to mitigate any risk, please don’t hesitate to ask; these are all genuine concerns.

Approaching a counsellor can feel daunting but I will do my best to put you at ease. I believe that within a collaborative and trusting therapeutic relationship, the opportunity to develop insight and understanding of who you are allows you to explore aspects of your life that may be inhibiting growth.

You cannot discover new oceans without the courage to lose sight of the shore - André Gide, writer

Therapeutic counselling in Putney, Wimbledon, Southfields, Wandsworth, South West London

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